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Collective Flourishing helps impact-driven leaders manage stress with more ease, lead with clarity and confidence and re-discover the joy of doing what they love.  

Our Approach

Connecting with the Body – we go beyond talking about your challenges to helping you notice, feel and shift how your body reacts under pressure. 

Equipping you with new skills – we introduce you to somatic practices and resources that will help you navigate challenges with more ease, find clarity in what you want and take steps in alignment with your goals…well beyond our time together.

Recognizing Social Context - we explore and acknowledge how societal systems, power structures, family patterns and history have shaped you and the embodied patterns you hold.

Pursuing Collective Flourishing – we aren't simply trying to get your stress levels under control and get you back to your life…We help you dream courageously about what's possible for you and take steps towards flourishing within your relationships, work and day to day life. 

About Annalisa

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Before my journey with somatics, I was immersed in social justice and impact-focused work...but often struggled to feel connected to myself and eventually I became out of touch with my own body.

The impact of this disconnection took a toll on me and I'd often fall into cycles of burn-out, pushing too hard and then getting sick, or feeling exhausted by the pressure I put on myself. After learning more about the brain-body connection through a course on somatics, I was drawn to somatic coaching as a way to understand my self more holistically and build more sustainable ways of leading the work I cared about.

Through this process I not only learned how to feel more grounded in the midst of stress, I started feeling more connection to my body and building a more loving relationship with myself. It felt, and still feels like coming home to myself.


The hustle and grind of our lives, leave many of us feeling disconnected from ourselves, our relationships and the work that matters most to us. By learning how to listen to our bodies, we build our capacity to be more connected, present and at ease...even in the challenging moments.  

…that is the journey I’m inviting you to.

Are you ready to begin?

Hi, I’m Annalisa!

I grew up between North Macedonia and the US and these days you can find me building community in Oakland, CA one pancake brunch at a time. From my studies on communication across cultural and religious differences, to a career in community organizing and peacebuilding…I've spent most of the past 10 years focused on creating spaces where people could feel like they belong.

What is somatic coaching?

Somatic coaching is an approach to personal and professional transformation that acknowledges that we can’t just think our way to new behaviors — we have to practice new ways of being if we’re going to sustain the change we want to see over time. 

Through our somatic coaching, we combine talking about the current challenges you’re facing with learning new somatic practices to help support you in the areas you want to grow (i.e. staying calm under pressure, setting boundaries, leading with confidence). My approach to somatics comes from the Strozzi Institute where I was trained in somatic coaching.


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